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-180degree TBK-588 mini Size LCD Screen Separator machine Freezen Separator for Curved Screen Refurbish

-150degree mini Size LCD Freezing Separator machine Freezen Separator for Curved Screen Refurbish
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-150degree mini Size LCD Freezing Separator machine Freezen Separator for Curved Screen Refurbish



1.Using the latest freeze separation technology, high cost performance, less investment return fast.

2. Using compressor technology, really up to minus 130 degrees, to meet the temperature requirements of the LCD separation, suitable for large quantities of separation and processing for the repair shop, repair and processing center and the use in maintenance factory.

3. After the compressor reaches the set temperature, the compressor stops working automatically without power consumption.

4. The device base is installed with a universal sliding wheel, which is convenient for transportation and adjustment of the height difference.

5. The lid is sealed with a fully closed refrigerator technology, to maintain the temperature of the constant temperature and rapid cooling.

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Reminder Note:

1. It is much easier to separate the bracket and others before freezing.

2. Pay attention to the back light water inlet.

3. Pay attention to the water treatment after separation and the temperature recovery.

4. When separating the curved screen, the separation risk caused by the temperature difference between the two sides of the curved surface screen need to pay more attention.

5. After LCD separating , pls put the glue side upward to avoid stick to the surface you put after the temperature return to the normal.


Machine technical parameters:

Voltage: AC 220V 50HZ 750W

Compatible: Touch Screen Below 10 inch

Machine Size:  570(L) * 560(W) *780(H) mm

Tank Size: 270(L) * 190(W) * 50(H) mm

Net Weight: 62 KG

Working Condition: -20℃~45℃, Duty-free

Lowerest Temperature: -130 to -150 Degree Centigrade

Drop time: Need about 45minis drop to target value

Application: For all max 10inch LCD Screen Separating, also work for S6 edge plus



Package will be included :


* Package material: Wooden package
* Package Weight: Machine about 78kg 
* Package List: 1 × -150degree Mini LCD Freezing machine 220V (110v customized )



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